Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Question Wednesday: Hair

It's Hump Day! Most Wednesdays I'm busy at work, but I was a very lucky girl today and had the day off. It's been a very relaxing day and the weather has been absolutely stellar, so I'm in a really good mood. Wednesday means that it's time again for the lovely Nykki from Nykki's Mane Blog's Question Wednesday. I've been participating in Question Wednesday on and off for a while now, and I have to say that I really enjoy it. The questions are fun to answer, but I what I'm really loving is finding great blogs and getting to know the other girls who join in regularly a little bit better each week. They are really lovely girls, who I find so entertaining and witty, not to mention knowledgeable. If you are interested in joining in this week, just click here.

This week is all about hair. I have to admit, when it comes to beauty products, hair care is the area that I know least about. I've never been as experimental with my hair as I have with my skincare and makeup, and I have been blessed it satisfactorily manageable locks. Anywho, here goes:

- What is your natural hair color? Are you happy with it?

It is dark brown, and I do quite like it. In Winter I'm very happy with it. In Summer I always want to go lighter and usually regret any attempts to. I think it suits me well. 

- Do you dye your hair? If yes then do you do it yourself or go to a salon?

I occasionally dye my hair and usually do it myself, as it's usually an easy all over dye that is at most a couple of shades different from my natural hair. I used to go to the salon when I was a teenager and had highlights and things, but they never really suited me. Maybe that's turned me off getting colour at salons now.

- What is your must have hair care product? 

Moroccan Oil. I know it's been over-raved about, but swear by this stuff. I get a lot of fly-aways and this stuff helps to decrease them if I put it through my hair when it's damp. It also improved the texture of my hair, making it smoother and shinier.

- What is the worst hair care product that you have ever used?

I'm not sure what brand it was, but my Dad's ex girlfriend used to buy this industrial sized can of hairspray that she used everyday. When I was a teenager she did my hair a few times and used it, and it turned my hair into a helmet. It was horrible. My hair would look matted and dull for days after, and even after washing and conditioning it was hard to put a brush through. I still don't fully trust hair sprays.

- Do you have any good tips or homemade recipes for long and pretty hair?

My best tip for clarifying hair, is to use apple cider vinegar. It works wonders at getting rid of all the product build up, is very gentle on the hair, and I believe it actually adds moisture to the hair (rather than stripping, as I find a lot of clarifying shampoos do). Either pour or spray it all over the hair, after shampooing, and leave for a little bit, and your hair will will be the smoother and shinier than you would believe.


  1. Great tip! I have to try apple cider vinegar for clarifying my hair!

  2. Lovely post. Never tried Moroccan Oil. Everyone seems to be super satisfied with the result so would be sure to check it out. I totally agree with the tip about apple cider vinegar. I use it as well. <3

    Nia. x

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