Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Question Wednesday: Eyes Edition

It's nearly Wednesday again, which means it's time for Question Wednesday thanks to Nykki from My Mane Blog. This week it's all about eyes.

1. What color are your eyes && if you could choose what color they were what color would that be?
My eyes are hazel, but fluctuate between almost blue and green. I wish they were green more of the time though.
2. Bold Eyeliner, Light Eyeliner, or no eyeliner?
Light. I have small eyes, so bold eyeliner can be very overwhelming for me, but a little bit makes a huge difference.
3. What is your go to eye look?
On work days all I really use is mascara. When I do feel like doing my eyes, it usually use a taupe eyeshadow all over, darker brown through the crease, black liner for tightlining, maybe a little black gel liner and mascara.
4. What brand makes your favorite eyeshadows?
I'm gonna cop out here, because it really depends from colour to colour. I'm a fan of MAC eyeshadows, as the quality and pigmentation are usually pretty good. 
5. What are your must have eye products?
A good mascara. The rest is all a plus for me. Recently I've been using and loving Maybelline Falsies.

Go visit Nykki's blog and join in on the blog hop too! 


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  2. That's totally a copy paste thing above! So annoying! lmbo!

    I like Maybelline Falsies and I agree that Mascara is a necessity! It makes a huge difference on me!! It sets my makeup, I can't go out without it!

    Thanks so much for posting! :)

    xoxo, nykki

    1. I know! I haven't had too many of them yet, but I've seen them around on a lot of other blogs.

  3. I really like Maybelline Falsies as well. I am a big fan of Fairy Drops mascara too, you should try it if you ever get the chance. Be sure to share your blog at my hop this weekend :)


    1. I've never heard of it. I'll have to check it out.

      I was MIA this weekend, so I missed your blog hop. But I will be back next weekend for sure!


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