Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Question Wednesday: All About Lips

Time for Nykki from My Mane Blog's Question Wednesday Blog Hop! This week it is all about the lips! Find my the questions and my answers below:

1. Lipstick or Lipgloss? 
Probably lipgloss. I prefer the look and feel of lipstick, but I only really wear it when I'm going out or on special occasions.
2. Favorite Lipstick Brand & Why?
I haven't really been able to beat MAC, mostly because of the range of colours and finishes. The price isn't too attractive though.
3. How often do you wear lipstick?
On special occasions. Every now and then I will wear a nude or pink lipstick to work, but  because of how much running around my job involves, it can be impractical trying to do touch ups.
4. Must have lip product{s}:
Korres lip butter, because of it's moisturising abilities and decent colour payoff, and Nars Matte Velvet Lip Pencils, because they are amazing quality and last for ages.
5. Current favorite lipstick? 
At the moment, MAC Crosswires. It's a gorgeous bright coral/pink.


  1. I love MAC lipsticks, too:)

  2. I only usually wear lipstick on special occasions as well! Great answers! ♥b

  3. Oooh I've never tried Korres lip butter, but I'd like to try! x

  4. My job is the same way no time for lipstick touch ups. :(


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